The story behind DeFalco's Italian Eatery, Grocery & Deli

The DeFalco family emigrated from Abuzzi Italy, into Toronto Canada, in 1903. There, the first DeFalco's Italian Grocery was born. After many successful years, John DeFalco moved to Michigan, where he met and married Dora DeAngelis. Dora's family Immigrated to the United States, from Rome Italy, several years before. John and Dora opened up a well known, neighborhood tavern, called the Venezia Inn. Here, Dora began serving home made pasta dishes while John made home made Italian sausage for the hungry patrons. Dora would use the same recipe for the sauce that her Nonna (grandmother) had made many years before. John had learned the art of sausage making from his father when he was a young boy in Italy.

Geraldo (Jerry) and his wife Judith DeFalco, have nurtured the old recipes, which are still used today. Although Defalco's has changed quite a bit over the past 32 years, the commitment to use only "the highest quality" ingredients to make their sauces, sausage, and pasta dishes will never change.

Today DeFalco's is in Scottsdale and is STILL family owned. Geraldo and Judith can still be seen there making the same recipes that have been handed down for over 100 years. They have passed their vast knowledge on to their son, Anthony, who feels blessed to be able to carry on such a rich tradition of food, culture and family. We invite you to taste a bit of the "old world" and the "new world" combined, at DeFalco's, as it is today.

Eventually, word spread of the wonderful Italian dishes to be found at the Venezia. Soon, it became quite clear that the food was the main reason more and more people were coming to the Venezia.

After many profitable years, John and Dora moved to Phoenix, Arizona where they had planned to retire. John and Dora's son, Geraldo, however had the desire to keep the family's legacy, for authentic Italian food, alive. It was at this time, that the first Defalco's Italian Deli and Grocery, was opened in Phoenix, in 1972.

An authentic Italian deli that is closer than you think

Rave Reviews

DeFalco's Italian Deli and Grocery has been awarded the honor of, both, Best Sandwich and Best Lunch Spot in the Phoenix metropolitan area by Citysearch (Best of Citysearch 2004).

Best Italian Deli
The Arizona Republic Rep's Best 2004

"An absolute must..."
Barbara Yost, The Arizona Republic

"...DeFalco's smells too good to be true--like fresh bread and garlic, simmering tomato sauce and Italian cold cuts and, most of all, like your Italian grandma's kitchen."
Nikki Buchanan, On The Menu, KFYI